Professional service which I trust.

4.5 Jeff's Automotive 8/19/2016

I always appreciate the personal and professional service which I receive at Jeff's Automotive, I have recommended them to friends in the past and will certainly continue to do so. Their performance is always worthy of 5 stars!

5 Jeff's Automotive 8/14/2016

Every effort is made to get the job done in a timely manner and have it done correctly. They have been very cooperative with us having 2 vehicles needing work done at the same time.

5 Jeff's Automotive 8/12/2016

First you expect your vehicle to be fixed. Bingo, It's working great. Arrived unanounced and and accidently entered through the work bay instead of the front door. Struck up a conversation with one of the mechanics and found him to be very polite, curtious, and knowledgeable. Corrected my mistake and entered the front door where I met Dana. I had been putting off a new transmission installation because I wasn't sure whom I wanted to trust with a job of that magnatude. After a short conversaton with Dana I was convinced that this is where I wanted to trust my truck. Truck runs great and I feel confident with my 3 year 100,00 mile warranty on my Jasper transmission. I Would recommend Jeff's Automotive to family, friend, or stranger. Thanks Jeff's Automotive, Dana and crew.

5 Jeff's Automotive 8/10/2016

Very friendly and helpful staff. Had my Envoy in and out in less than an hour. Will definitely be returning.

5 Jeff's Automotive 7/21/2016

These guys have always been fair in price. I've never had to bring a car back due to poor workmanship. I would recommend this shop to anyone.

5 Jeff's Automotive 7/19/2016

Outstanding job and service!

5 Jeff's Automotive 7/16/2016

I am not dissatisfied with the service. I am dissatisfied with the price. Smedley's charged me $39.95; you, $59.28. Yesterday I got a message that my oil supply had not been changed on the car's computer, so I had to read the manual to change it. Smedley's always took care of this. Now I am wondering if the window washer was filled or other things done that I was used to getting at Smedley's.

I would like to apologize for our oversight. On occasion our technicians will miss the oil reset procedure. We are a full service facility and service all makes and models. It is a continuing challenge to keep up with the constant change in technology and drive features such as the oil reset with every manufacturer. This is not an excuse but rather a little insight to how this mistake can be made. Thanks you for letting us know and we have already made changes in our procedure to correct the problem. The full synthetic oil change on your car was performed by ASE master certified technicians and coupled with a comprehensive inspection of your vehicles vital systems. Our prices reflect that and we are here to provide you a service that is the lowest cost by servicing your entire vehicle and not just changing the oil. Jeff's Automotive
3 Jeff's Automotive 7/10/2016

Very pleasant empoyees, they looked out for my best interest, kept me up to date with all repairs that needed to be done, had my car done the day it was promised to be, all around a great group of guys and will refer anyone needing repairs to thier auto repair shop.

5 Jeff's Automotive 7/1/2016

The job was well done and on time. The car is running fine and better than when I took it in for repair.

4 Jeff's Automotive 7/1/2016