Everyone I have dealt with at Jeff's Automotive has been professional,knowledgable.Workmanship has been very good.Iwiil go back.

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/27/2016

We can always depend on you. Thank you!

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/27/2016

Provided excellent service, updated with any changes, and price was very affordable.

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/23/2016

Jeff's are always takes great care of our family and vehicles. Thank you!

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/21/2016

Jeff's Automotive always do a great job taking care of my vehicles, (work and personal) they are great mechanic's and are always fair and honest in what they do. Great job guys! Kevin Ledford Ledford Electric

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/21/2016

Great service!!

4 Jeff's Automotive 6/4/2016

excellent attention to needs, car was immediately serviced and I thank them

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/2/2016

I'm a long time customer and for good reason. I've always received competent service from the friendly, professional, and courteous staff at Jeff's. Thanks to their efforts, my car with over 150,000 miles is still running strong. I highly recommend this garage for your automotive needs.

5 Jeff's Automotive 5/31/2016

Best service around.

5 Jeff's Automotive 5/31/2016

I brought my 83-year old mother-in-law's 2000 Regal in for rear brake pads only. The repair order states that the pads and rotors were replaced for a total of $176.73. The tech who did the job assured me the pad replacement was all he did. And he agreed the repair order did not describe what he had actually done. She was charged $76.38 for a set of brake pads, more than double average retail for pads. Had I been given a written estimate at the time I dropped the car, I would have taken her car elsewhere. I have a personal gripe with shops that add "Shop Supplies," in this case $3.40, to the repair order. It's an underhanded way to cover the costs of running a shop. What actual supplies were depleted when doing this job? The fee is not related to the cost of the actual supplies. Charging the fee allows the defendant to advertise a price lower than the actual cost, allowing it to function as a bait and switch deal.

First of all I would like to apologize for the confusion. I reviewed your invoice and the only part you were charged for were brake pads. Our mark up on parts is in line with the industry standards. All our techs are ASE certified and we perform a complete service on the front brake which involves cleaning the rust from all contact points, removing the caliper slides and and clean the old lubricate out and applying new lubricant. We do not just "throw" new brake pads on your vehicle. We also install all new brake hardware and ensure that the pad contact points are even and free of any rust and debris. If you would like to review this with me I am available anytime during business hours. I would like to thank you for voicing your concern. Zach Jeff's Automotive
0.5 Jeff's Automotive 5/27/2016