Alway a great job.

5 Jeff's Automotive 5/25/2016

Bought used truck and took it to jeff'so to be evaluated and they were very helpful in letting me know what needs attention. Rio, his mechanic, was very helpful in explaining why some things needed replaced. Thanks for a great experience.

5 Jeff's Automotive 5/17/2016

Great, as always! You guys drive me to work, and have the car finished when I get off work. I never worry about being sold something I don't need. Thanks!

5 Jeff's Automotive 5/17/2016

original problem( leaking gas line) was said to be completed but after driven for 40+ miles a leak re-occurred. After returning, the problem was determined to be a "leak" at a seam of the gas tank. In both situations the tank had to be removed. the first repair of the lines no indication was made that the tank was defective nor was a check made to that effect. the second leak occurred from my observation around the area where a new fuel filter was installed. When return was made to address the leak there was never any indication that it did in fact leak where I pointed out. all attention was turned to a "defective" tank. It seems unusual that there was never indication of a leaky tank when vehicle was first delivered for line repair, nor as stated above after line repair was completed. Question arises was tank damaged during some phase of the repair. An agreement was made tank would be changed and no labor paid, but I feel the tank price was inflated to cover part or all of the labor. Four different sources tank priced from $105 to 120 , I paid $200

2 Jeff's Automotive 5/11/2016

Jeff's consistently is able to review and repair our car. I love the on-line AP now that lets us see the actual problem and approve the repair!

5 Jeff's Automotive 5/2/2016

Very satisfied. Thank you for your service report. It is a good guide to go by for the future.

5 Jeff's Automotive 4/29/2016

Great service with quality work!

5 Jeff's Automotive 4/27/2016

My 2500 GMC longbed needed a lot of front end work. Completed expertly and quickly for a fair price. These guys are priceless for maintaining your favorite vehicles!

5 Jeff's Automotive 4/14/2016

Work on vehicles is always done in a timely and professional manner. Highly satisfied with all maintenance work performed.

5 Jeff's Automotive 4/13/2016

Thanks for going over the car for other items that may be in need of attention. It is an old car, but I drive it a lot during tax season, so I might miss something. Great Job!!!!

5 Jeff's Automotive 4/13/2016