This is my shop of choice They are honest and know what they are doing They have never let me down Full service

5 Jeff's Automotive 11/2/2013

I have used them twice now and have been very happy with the service. The last time in they only charged half the diagnostic fee because he wasn't sure the problem would return and would charge the remaining later if I returned for repair, seemed fair to me and the problem has not returned so far. Not many places do I feel you are actually getting the work you pay for but you do here.

5 Jeff's Automotive 3/10/2011

Our Bonneville had a steering issue and we took it here to get checked . They figured it out and called us to let us know the problem and the estimated cost. They fixed the problem, were friendly, didn't overcharge us and thanked us for our business. I'd use Jeff's again; try them out!

4 Jeff's Automotive 11/19/2009