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AC Repair in New Carlisle, OH

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Stay Cooler this Summer–Warmer This Winter

Your vehicle’s AC seems to always go out at the worst time. It’s always in the middle of a hot summer that the air conditioning stops working. And it’s usually in the middle of a frigid winter that the heat stops working.. Make sure you’re prepared for whatever season it is and whatever the temperature is outside. The AC repair team at Jeff’s Automotive in New Carlisle, OH has experience with all services required to keep your air conditioning fully-operational. We’ll improve your road travel by giving you back the control of your cabin’s climate. Our technicians perform any routine maintenance services, like freon refills, for your vehicle’s air conditioning as well as any repairs or parts replacements.

Compressor & Condenser Replacements

The best practice for vehicle owners is to bring their vehicle to our state-of-the-art facility for a maintenance inspection two seasons ahead of time. Ensure that you’re never caught off guard during the upcoming season by having the AC serviced a couple seasons before. We encourage all of our customers to trust their vehicle’s AC to us just like they trust the engine repairs. The AC is not the easiest component to diagnose. Many times the causes of malfunction will appear to be one component and turn out to be another. Jeff’s Automotive will find out the true source of the problem the first time. Part of our top quality AC repair service is saving you time and money by avoiding a misdiagnosis. You want to be comfortable during your daily commutes and road trips. And we want the same thing for you! All we need is your vehicle and your trust and we can make that a reality.

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If your comfort behind the wheel is being compromised during road travel, you should come see our techs as soon as possible. A broken air conditioning can make a five minute trip seem like an eternity. Your personal comfort and comfort of your fellow passengers qualifies as a “distraction.” Distraction is a major cause of vehicular accidents, so fixing your vehicle’s air conditioner should be a priority, near the top of your list. Fixing your AC is definitely at the top of our list so don’t hesitate to come to us for your AC repair solutions. Give us a call today at 937-845-3436 to schedule your AC repair. You can save time by scheduling right now using our online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area–316 S Church St.–feel free to stop by for an AC system check or maintenance service. We gladly accept all of our walk-in customers!

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