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Your vehicle’s most important safety component is the braking system. No matter what’s happening under the hood, your vehicle’s not road ready if the brakes are not fully-operational. Jeff’s Automotive in New Carlisle, OH performs top quality brake services for all makes and models. We’ll keep you safer on the road with our quick but thorough brake inspection services. There are a few warning signs that you need to visit Jeff’s Automotive for a brake repair. Usually, the first sign is a high-pitched squealing sound whenever you apply your brakes. This means that the brake pads are wearing down and have become dangerously low. The braking system is designed to give you this early alert. You may not be able to hear this sound if the windows are rolled up or the stereo is too loud. However, everyone (pedestrians & motorists) will be able to hear you coming loud and clear. If you delay your brake repair, diagnosis, or inspection, your brakes’ condition will only get worse, leading to costly repairs and parts replacements.

Quality Brake Pad & Rotor Replacements

Brake pads are a normal wear-and-tear item of which vehicle owners should always be aware. Depending on your driving habits your vehicle’s brake pads may wear faster or slower. If you’re lead foot is dedicated to brake pedal, and you tend to brake late, you will probably need a brake pad replacement sooner than later. That high-pitched squeal will soon turn into a scraping sound (like sandpaper). The brake pads are supposed to be a buffer between the rotors and the calipers. Eventually, the brake pads will be worn all the way through causing a metal-on-metal grinding noise. This noise will be unmistakable, and unbearable. You should stop driving as soon as possible because this is a certified emergency. Your next stop should be Jeff’s Automotive, whether you can make it to us or you get towed to our shop.

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The key to your braking system’s quality performance is timely brake check. We never let you go too long without a proper inspection of your braking system. Part of Jeff’s Automotive quality brake repairs is avoiding costly and unnecessary parts replacements. We help you avoid them by providing quick and accurate brake check inspections. Should you need extensive brake repairs, our team is experienced at performing all brake part replacements. Give us a call today at 937-845-3436 to schedule your brake repair appointment. You can save time by using our online scheduling system right now! Just pick a day and time that works best for you and we’ll meet you here. Next time you’re in the area–316 S. Church St.–feel free to stop by with any questions or concerns about your brakes. We gladly accept all of our walk-in customers!

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