Jeff's Automotive has worked on our vehicles for at least 40 years! They are the best and I would trust them to do anything for me and know it was done correctly and to the best of their ability and do not charge outrageous prices! On top of that they are very kind and caring people, the best you could ever have! Fantastic customer service!

5 Jeff's Automotive 4/7/2017

Always great service!!

5 Jeff's Automotive 4/7/2017

Great customer service and care and very informative!!

5 Jeff's Automotive 3/30/2017

Certainly appreciate their quick service and prompt communication. Thanks for getting us back on the road quickly.

5 Jeff's Automotive 3/22/2017

Jeff's always provides thoroughly researched bids for work on our cars. They get back to us quickly with accurate and well-priced estimates. We recommend them!

5 Jeff's Automotive 3/11/2017

Jeff's provides friendly and professional service for managing and caring for our cars. The staff is prompt and efficient, and most importantly, honest.

Thank you! Jeff's Automotive
5 Jeff's Automotive 3/11/2017


5 Jeff's Automotive 3/6/2017

Jeff's employees take the time to make sure you understand what they are going to do to your car and what the cost will be... Always been fair on prices and the time that it takes to finish the job... A great thumbs up to all that workers at Jeff's, i will always bring my car to you..

5 Jeff's Automotive 3/3/2017

Great service and done in a timely manner. Very friendly and helpful.

5 Jeff's Automotive 3/2/2017

Jeff's automotive have always given us friendly and professional service at a reasonable price. When something needs to be repaired they always call before going ahead with the service. If the repair can wait wait then they will advise us and it is then our decision to get it fixed now or wait a little longer.

5 Jeff's Automotive 2/24/2017