The service is great and the return time is quick. The team is nice and friendly and will lessen to you and will not make you feel stupid over any questions. They don't charge more if your a woman coming in for work to be done also and that's a plus for me.

5 Jeff's Automotive 2/3/2017

This is the second time I have had work done at Jeffs. And I was just impressed this time as I was the last. From transportation to and from the shop to the knowledge of what the estimate was gonna be, Jeff's went beyond what most bigger dealers do for you. Great experience.

5 Jeff's Automotive 2/2/2017

Always great service!

5 Jeff's Automotive 1/28/2017

Jeff"s is great!

5 Jeff's Automotive 1/24/2017

Great service, fair prices, extremely honest. Very realistic about what work needs to be done versus the work that could be done. They always call if there is an unexpected issue discovered. Driver service to get to/from their location is fantastic!

5 Jeff's Automotive 1/24/2017

I always get great service and advice from folks that I know and I trust. I would encourage everyone to go to Jeff's for the auto care needs.

5 Jeff's Automotive 1/24/2017

We have been trusting Jeff's with our cars for more than 7 years. The service has always been fantastic. They take the time to explain what is wrong with our car and why it needs fixed. We have received a loaner to drive several times too. That helps when you are down a car. So grateful for all they have done for us!!

5 Jeff's Automotive 1/13/2017

I am very pleased with the gentleman that handled my problem he was very professional and kind. I am so happy to find a local business I can use and trust to do things right. I am bringing my car in for more work because of him and how they do business with integraty. Thanks again I am very glad I found you.

5 Jeff's Automotive 1/6/2017

Been doing business with Jeff (and now Zach) for over 30 years. I am happy to continue to do so.

5 Jeff's Automotive 1/6/2017

Always great service.

5 Jeff's Automotive 1/6/2017