Needed a new glow plug controller. The guys at Jeff's Automotive do a great job and quickly. Any questions you have just ask!

4.5 Jeff's Automotive 11/17/2016

Fair prices and excellent service!!

5 Jeff's Automotive 11/12/2016

Good, prompt and always reliable service!!!!

5 Jeff's Automotive 11/7/2016

Great service everytime, from dependable, knowledgeable staff.

5 Jeff's Automotive 11/3/2016

Very professional. I'm very pleased at the results.

5 Jeff's Automotive 10/31/2016

The service at Jeffs was a great experience. A breath of fresh air if you will. It's hard this day and age to find trust a worthy mechanic shop that their only intention is to dive deep in the customers pocket. Let alone do exceptional work in a timely manner. Here at Jeffs shop the prices are very competitive the staff is very helpful and will not feed you a line of bull. They will do their best to meet your needs. With the quality of work that other shops should learn from. It's my experience that a good job is done write the first time in a timely manner. That's what you will get at Jeffs.

4 Jeff's Automotive 10/27/2016

Great as always

5 Jeff's Automotive 10/21/2016

5 Jeff's Automotive 10/18/2016

BC the services are great.

5 Jeff's Automotive 10/18/2016

I can't give these guys a strong enough recommendation. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dana and Zack took very good care of my van when I was having troubles. The prices are unbelievably affordable.

5 Jeff's Automotive 10/18/2016