Jeff's always knows how to keep my vehicle running well. They can give great advice on what to fix.

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/29/2015

Had a great experience

4 Jeff's Automotive 6/29/2015

So glad to have the guys at Jeff's working on my side. Under time constraints, with a planned vacation, they took in my broken down Durango and repaired it in just two days. Preformed flawlessly. Can't say that for my boat, wish they worked on old outboards!

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/28/2015

Great service and commitment to excellence

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/24/2015

Good job on finding that noise in the rear suspension!

4 Jeff's Automotive 6/24/2015

Jeff's is always courteous, friendly and they take great care of my car! Dana is awesome!

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/17/2015

Excellent, professional service! Thanks.

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/17/2015

Excellent Service. Honest and Reasonable Pricing. Highly Recommend!!!

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/17/2015

Always good and reliable service.

5 Jeff's Automotive 6/14/2015

My truck turned out fine, but I had to call twice to find out status AND when the truck was ready.

4 Jeff's Automotive 6/14/2015