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Oil Change in New Carlisle, OH

Time For an Oil Change?--Jeff’s Automotive

Protect Your Engine

Oil changes are the most important maintenance service for your vehicle. Many people are aware of the dangers of not changing the oil, but they neglect the consistency of the oil change schedule. Some vehicle owners will wait until the dashboard alert comes on before they’ll Oil changes are meant to provide proper lubrication for the engine’s internal metal parts. Jeff’s Automotive has a team of ASE Certified technicians who are highly skilled at performing routine maintenance for all makes and models of vehicles. We’ll consider your vehicle’s age, your driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations when designing an oil change schedule. Our team performs timely oil filter changes that keep your motor oil clean and free of all contaminants with our team quality maintenance. Protect your engine by trusting your motor oil changes and oil filter changes to our full-service specialists.

Only the Best Motor Oil Brands

The all-important oil change will extend your vehicle’s road-life and enhance its performance. Choose Jeff’s Automotive for all of your oil maintenance service needs because we make sure your vehicle is using the appropriate grade of oil. Our team finds out which oil–standard, synthetic, blended–is best for your vehicle. Our experts will also determine the best grade of motor oil to be used for your vehicle’s purposes. A common cause for a vehicle’s early retirement is improper care for the engine. Making sure you stay current and consistent with your oil changes is the best way to get the most use out of your engine. Bring your vehicle to a shop that has a reputation for excellence. We treat oil change maintenance with the same expertise that we treat compex engine or transmission repairs. Since the motor oil is the engine’s “life-blood,” we take the oil change very seriously. Everything we do at Jeff’s Automotive is to keep you on the road for as long as you need to be.

Schedule Your Oil Change Appointment Today!

If you can’t remember the last time you had an oil change, it’s probably time! Let’s take care of it today. There’s a lot going on under the hood to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. The motor oil lubrication keeps all the engine’s metal parts moving like clockwork and keeps them from overheating. Anytime metal parts collide and create friction, it’s a bad sign. This often leads to an engine breakdown, and at the very least, poor engine performance. Give us a call today at 937-845-3436 to schedule your next oil change appointment. Save some time by scheduling your oil change right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by. Our team will have you in and out in no time!

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